Fundamentals of Consumer Data Right for Energy Sector

Dassana Wijesekara
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Similar to open banking the Consumer Data Right in banking domain, Consumer Data right (CDR) for energy will enable consumers to authorise third parties to access their energy data. This will empower consumers to more easily share their data to find better products and make informed decisions on personal energy investments.

Let’s look at how you get electricity to your premises. This will help you to understand the value chain and its players.

Excerpts from State of the Energy Market Report — May 2017 by Australian Energy Regulator.

Energy is sold on a cascading system with multiple players participating in the ecosystem. Below diagram shows the Australian model of energy sell.

Energy providers from states Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and ACT sell electricity to the NEM wholesale market. Some states has surplus energy : Queensland (See below) and being sold on the wholesale market operated by AEMO.

AEMO energy dispatch dashboard

Following eco system players are identified in CDR for energy regime.

CDR uses a peer to peer interaction model as shown below.

The data sets will provide consumers with details on their National Electricity Market electricity connections (including solar generation or battery storage), energy consumption, charging and billing history, and available products. Candidate data sets are shown below.

CDR data scope

The data sets are distributed across players as shown below.

The recommended approach is that AEMO will expose the following end points, to retailers only, as defined in the CDR standards:

  • Get Service Points
    Obtain high level details for a list of service points
  • Get Service Point Detail
    Obtain the detail for a specific service point
  • Get Usage For Service Point
    Obtain a list of electricity usage data from a particular service point
  • Get Usage For Specific Service Points
    Obtain the electricity usage data for a specific set of service points
  • Get DER For Service Point
    Obtain a list of DER data for a particular service point
  • Get DER For Specific Service Points
    Obtain DER data for a specific set of service points

Service point is identified by the NMI or national meter identifier which is a 10 digit unique code.

You can find the AMI on your electricity bill or sometimes on the meter.
NMI code allocation

As an example current recommendation for the “GET Service Points” endpoint is expanded below.

Following image shows the Open API 3.0 specification for “GET Service Points” endpoint from draft standards specification of CDR for energy.

Following APIs will be exposed by AEMO.

Energy retailer need to expose customer provided data, billing data, generic tariff data and metering data. A summary of end points are shown below:

  • GET /energy/accounts/balances
  • POST /energy/accounts/balances
  • GET /energy/accounts/{accountId}/balance
  • GET /energy/accounts/invoices
  • POST /energy/accounts/invoices
  • GET /energy/accounts/{accountId}/invoices
  • GET /energy/accounts/billing
  • POST /energy/accounts/billing
  • GET /energy/accounts/{accountId}/billing
  • GET /energy/accounts
  • GET /energy/accounts/{accountId}
  • GET /energy/accounts/{accountId}/payment-schedule
  • GET /energy/accounts/{accountId}/concessions
  • GET /energy/plans
  • GET /energy/plans/{planId}

Sample payload for the account is shown below.

Probable solution architecture for the solution would look like below.

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