The Conformance Test Suite (CTS) of Australian Consumer Data Rights (CDR) ecosystem.

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The Conformance Test Suite of ACCC (now Treasury) is an important part of the Consumer Data Right on-boarding process. It is applicable to participants that are looking to enter the ecosystem (new participants), and participants that are already part of the ecosystem (existing participants), to prepare for future releases and ensure continuous integrity and operation of the CDR ecosystem (ecosystem). Participants must pass the CTS before their brand or software product becomes active on the CDR-register.

The CTS is not a sandbox or assisted development tool. It will not help you design and build a product that conforms to the CDS and the Register design. Before beginning conformance testing, you should be confident your brand or software product will pass the CTS.

CTS is a web tool. CTS testing engine runtime is composed of multiple components. It’s composed of a ADR simulator and a CDR-Register simulator and the CTS Portal. How CTS components interacts with a Data Holder is shown below.

A screen shot from CTS test portal is shown below.

CTS is at version 3.1.0 now and compatible with CDS 1.6.0 version of the specification.

Enrolling to CDR ecosystem and CTS

You need to register yourself (individual) as a participant in the CDR eco system through CDR participant portal to start the process. Following image shows the workflow.

The CDR Participant Portal User Guide will provide you with guidance on how to do this and how to invite others from your company to the Participant Portal. Please pay extra attention to the following points:

The Participant Portal supports multiple user roles with different permission profiles. Please read the appendix of the user guide on user roles and permissions to make sure people are assigned the correct role.

Note that:

The initial Primary Business Contact should request access to the Participant Portal, the initial PBC must an officer, such as a director or secretary or authorised contact listed on the company’s business record

Additional roles can be added as soon as the Primary Business Contact has been granted access to the Participant Portal

You should at least invite a Primary IT Contact to manage the technical details for your production environment (e.g. authentication details)

You should invite a Legal Authority Contact as this only this person who is able to sign agreements in the Participant Portal

Prior to commencing CTS conformance testing, the Authorised CTS User should be granted access to the Participant Portal. This role provides access to the Conformance Test Suite to conduct technical testing on brand and software products

In order to access the CDR Participant Portal, you must have an existing Microsoft account or will need to create one. This is required for multi-factor authentication when using the CDR Participant Portal.

You will have to download the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone for the multi-factor authentication. More information on this can be found in section 2.5 of the user guide.

When entering the legal entity, make sure that this is exactly as what is registered against your ABN and ACN.

When you complete the registration of participants, you need to register your organisation as a data holder (DH).

In order to on-board to the CDR as a Data Holder, the legal entity should be registered. Data Holder registration can be initiated by the Primary or Authorised Business Contact in the Participant Portal by following the steps below:

Your Data Holder registration request has now been submitted and will be reviewed and approved by the ACCC. You will be informed about the next steps of the on-boarding process once your request has been approved.

On-boarding Process

The on boarding process is defined on the On-boarding guide. Following diagram shows the process.

After completing the on-boarding process you can start enrolling to CTS.

First you need to complete an enrolment form. Enrolment form is looking for following details.

CTS Entry Criteria

The CTS simulates both the Register and an ADR that your brand interacts with. You should enrol in the CTS when your Brand is ready for production release or close to being ready. After receiving your enrolment confirmation, you can start your CTS tests. You are advised to take the CTS tests in the order they are listed in this document.

Before you start:

  1. apply the test certificate to your Brand
  2. you must have a valid account on the CDR Participant Portal
  3. you must be registered as a CTS tester as part of the CTS enrolment.

Running CTS

CTS tests are run from CTS Portal manually. Current CTS which is at 3.1.0 has following tests organised in to groups.

As an example the scenario 2 validates the CDR endpoint behaviour. The test flow would look like below.

Results would come on the portal like below.



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